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Wild China Red Goji Berry Dried Goji Berry Red Color Organic Lycium Barbarum Free Shipping

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You might have heard of Goji Berrywolfberrywe also called (Lycium barbarum)and their health benefits. But do they live up these claims? Their history as a medicinal plant has roots in ancient China. Many people use Goji Berry to treat eye, liver, and kidney ailments. Also known as wolfberries, these festive Red Goji Berry have a sweet, slightly-sour taste and often come in dried form, like raisins.If you’re looking to add more nutrition to your diet, read on to decide if Red Goji Berry is right for you.

Boosted immune system and flu protection

Early testing in laboratories shows that Red Goji Berry help enhance the effectiveness of flu vaccinations in aged mice. This is important because the flu vaccine doesn’t always provide adequate protection against the virus.The study suggests that Red Goji Berry may prevent subsequent infections for older adults who’ve received a flu vaccine. But remember,Goji Berry isn't a replacement protection against the flu. Be sure that you and your family members get your flu shot every year.



Potential weight loss aid
Red Goji Berry pack healthy food energy into small servings. Their rich, sweet taste, along with their high fiber content, can help you stay on track with eating healthy. Turn to them for a light snack to prevent overindulgence at mealtime. Add them in your yogurt or salad in the same way you would use raisins.Their nutrition value as a low-calorie, low-sugar option makes them a perfect substitute to other dried fruits with higher sugar content. A one ounce serving of Red Goji Berry has only 23 calories.

Antioxidants for eyes and skin
Studies have cited the high level of antioxidants in Red Goji Berry, especially zeaxanthin. It’s the zeaxanthin that gives Goji Berry, saffron, and bell peppers their bright color.Antioxidants protect cells against breaking down when they are exposed to elements such as smoke and radiation. What’s more, foods with healthy levels of antioxidants are often high in fiber and low in unhealthy fats.The same study also found that older adults who ate a daily dietary supplementation with Red Goji Berry for 90 days had less hypopigmentation and less drusen, or yellow deposits, in their eye.

Maintain blood sugar
Sweet Red Goji Berry may your new favorite food if you have a particular sweet tooth. Red Goji Berry can help:

potentially lower blood sugar

improve sugar tolerance

alleviate insulin resistance

improve and recover cells that help produce insulin

Talk to your doctor before you start adding Red Goji Berry to your diet, especially if you already have low blood sugar. If you do start eating them regularly, you may want to check your blood sugar more often.

Improved sexual ability
Goji Berry have a long history tied to sexual fertility. One study in rats showed that Goji Berry significantly:

increased sperm quantity and movement

shortened erection, capture, and ejaculation response

Improved sexual ability

Improve male sexual function.

Research suggests that Goji Berry may be an alternative to prescription for erectile dysfunction like viagra

Most supermarkets sell dried Red Goji Berry (wolfberry) prepackaged and in the bulk section. You can also find them fresh. Treat them like raisins or fresh berries. Mix them into your breakfast cereal or yogurt, add them to your trail mix, or drink it as juice or tea.

 Red Goji Berry also taste great cooked with lean pork or turkey, adding a savory sweetness to hearty dishes. Plus, their vitamin C content also will help your body absorb the meat’s iron.

Eating two or more servings of fruit a day is usually recommended for optimum health benefits.

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